Oklahoma Military Heritage Foundation - Inductees

The Oklahoma Military Heritage Foundation is pleased to present the following Oklahoma heroes who are members of the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame.

Two ** denotes the inductee is the recipient of the Medal of Honor.
One * signifies the inductee was awarded the MG Douglas O. Dollar Distinguished Service Award (for public service.)

Class of 1999                                              Lieutenant Colonel Ernest Childers, USA**
Staff Sergeant John Crews, USA**
Rear Admiral John Krikpartick, USN
Second Lieutenant Jack Montgomery, USA**
General Dennis J. Reimer, USA
Major General Clarence Tinker, Army Air Corps

Class of 2000
Major General Frederick Daugherty, USA
Doctor Owen K. Garriott, NASA
Rear Admiral Thomas F. Hall, USN
Sergeant Bill Mauldin, USA
Captain Riley L. Pitts, USA**
Major General Ray L. Smith, USMC
Lieutenant General Thomas Stafford, USAF
Class of 2001
Admiral William Crowe, USN
Captain Henry Bellmon, USMC; OK Governor
Lieutenant General Richard Burpee, USAF
Colonel Inez Haynes, USA
Corporal Richard Chibitty, USA
Class of 2002
Major Quince Brown, Army Air Corps
Lieutenant Colonel Neil Brittan, USA
Rear Admiral B. Hayden Crawford, USN
General Bennie Davis, USAF
Major General William Garrison, USA
Major General Patrick Hurley, USA, Secy of War
Brigadier General Glen C. Long, USA
Sergeant James E. McNiece, USA
Brigadier General Joseph W. Turner, USAF
Lieutenant General LaVern E. Weber, USA
Colonel Pendleton Woods, USA
10th Calvary Regiment 'Buffalo Soldiers'
Class of 2004
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Delbert
Black, USN
Command Sergeant Major Sam Cluck, USA
First Sergeant Sonia H. Davis, USA
Captain Donald F. Dickey, USMC
Major General Jay T. Edwards, USAF
Colonel Lee Gilstrap, USA
Colonel Harry W. Hughes, USA
Sergeant Ralph Lawson, USA
Colonel Charles H. Richmond, USA
Brigadier General William Rex Wilson, USA
Class of 2005
Colonel G.G. Atkinson, USAF                        Lieutenant Vernon R. Butler, USN                      Major General William P. Bowden, USAF              Colonel Robert Hamilton, USMC                          Colonel Robert Johnson, USAF                          Chief Warrant Officer Bill Mitchell, USA            Lieutenant Colonel James Murphy, USA             Sergeant Jack Skaggs, USMC                         Sergeant Bill D. Voss, USA                              Oklahoma Military Academy, Claremore
Class of 2006
Brigadier General Otwa Autry, USA
Rear Admiral Lewis Coley, USN
Lieutenant General Price Hays, USA**
Corporal Harry Hoots, USA
General Billy Minter, USAF
Private First Class Manuel Rivers, USA**
Staff Sergeant Rubin Rivers, USA**
Colonel James Smith, USA
Chief Warrant Officer Bill Stearns, USA
Major General Toney Stricklin, USA
Class of 2007
Rear Admiral Ray Ackerman, USN
Major General John H. Admire, USMC
Lieutenant Colonel Charles Beecham, USAF
Rear Admiral Jack Buffington, USN
Major General Douglas O. Dollar, USA
Staff Sergeant Billie A. Hall, USA
Lieutenant Colonel Jack O. Johnson, USA
Colonel Norman Lamb, USA*
Captain Richard M. McCool, USN
Lieutenant Colonel William R. Melton, USMC
Master Gunnery Sergeant Vernon Tsoodle, USMC
Class of 2008
Colonel Robert Abraham, USA
Tech Sergeant Paul Joseph Andert, USA
Lieutenant Colonel Karl K. Dittmer, USA
Sergeant Phillip L. Driskill, USA*
General Tommy Franks, USA
Gunnery Sergeant V.D. Mitchell, USMC
Sergeant Elmer J. Morris, USA
Major General Stanley F.H. Newman, USAF
Lieutenant Colonel James C. Null, USAF
First Sergeant Pascal Cletus Poolaw, USA
Corporal Samuel L. Sampler, USA**
Captain Lester T. Snow, USA
Colonel Jack L. Treadwell, USA**
Corporal Harold L. Turner, USA** 
Class of 2009
Sergeant First Class D.C. Brewer, USA            Brigadier General George M. Donovan, USA       Specialist 4 Dennis W. Drullinger, USA                Commander Ernest E. Evans, USN**                 Lieutenant General William E. Potts, USA             Colonel Cyril Richard Rescorla, USA                   Major General Teddy H. Sanford, USA                Private First Class Albert E. Schwab, USMC**    Lieutenant Colonel Leon R. Vance, USAF**         Lieutenant General Harry M. Wyatt III, USAF*
Class of 2010
Brigadier General Dana D. Batey, USA*
Lieutenant General Jerry Max Bunyard, USA
Staff Sergeant John R. Dale, USMC
Lieutenant Colonel Raymond Harvey, USA**
Major General Roy Victor Hoffman, USA
Colonel Robert Edward Howard Jr, USMC
Private Harold G. Kiner, USA**
Lieutenant Colonel Edwin Price Ramsey, USA
Colonel John Lucien Smith, USMC**
Captain Gary Wayne Vance, Sr, USA

Class of 2011
Comanche Code Talkers
First Lieutenant Donald J. Gott, Army Air Corps**
Lance Corporal Dale Graham, USMC (Vet's Corner
of Goldsby)*
Major Fred Hancock, USA
Lieutenant Colonel Oren Lee Peters, USA
Colonel A.T. Pumphrey, USA
Staff Sergeant George G. Red Elk, USA
Private First Class John N. Reese, Jr, USA**
Colonel Joe Barry Thurston, USA
Major Henry 'Bud' Wildfang, USMC