History & Description

The Oklahoma Military Heritage Found ai ton was founded in 1999 by Major General (retired), Douglas O. Dollar, USA. We are an IRC Section 501(c)3 organization having the purpose of honoring those Oklahomans, living or deceased, who serve or have served in the military, with records of extraordinary service to our nation. The annual induction is held every year on Veterans Day.

Each year the Oklahoma Military Heritage Foundation selects ten Oklahomans to be inducted into the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame (OMHF) from many nominees submitted by nominators from across the country. The criteria for the rating system are threefold: (1) the military record of the individual, to include heroic and/or extraordinary leadership action, service or sacrifice, principal awards achieved; (2) civilian public service and/or patriotic service, to include civic work, service to veterans, projects influencing or motivating youth, helping the handicapped or disabled, community improvements, and leadership positions, etc; and (3) an established Oklahoma connection.

Since 1999 the OMHF has recognized 105 local heroes, of which 76 are officers, 27 enlisted, and 2 'other.' These distinguished military personnel include 70 Army, 10 Navy, 11 Marines, 14 Air Force, and 1 NASA. Seventeen of the 105 inductees are recipients of the Medal of Honor. Sometimes a unit is given such as in 2002 when the 10th U.S. Calvary "Buffalo Soldiers" were honored, and in 2005 when the Oklahoma Military Academy in Claremore was recognized. At the 2011 induction event, the Comanche Code Talkers will be inducted.

The Oklahoma Military Heritage Foundation has formed an important partnership with Oklahoma Christian University. Without this partnership we would not have a base of operation. Oklahoma Christian University provides space for meetings of the OMHF Board, logistical/event planning assistance, telephone lines, storage, space for the luncheon/press permanent employees. The Board is comprised of dedicated volunteers who believe in honoring the extraordinary and/or heroic actions of our service men and women who have an Oklahoma connection.

Oklahoma Christian University is committed to establishing a permanent home in Enterprise Square to present all the inductees of the OMHF. The Enterprise Square renovation project is underway and will include an interactive electronic display 'kiosk' featuring the stories of each member of the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame. Recognition received at the event from government officials/dignitaries, and from the press will be permanently recorded and displayed for public perusal when the Enterprise Square renovation project is completed.